Shiatsu Society (Association) Vancouver British Columbia, Canada Shiatsu is practiced using only the fingers, palms and, thums Vancouver, Canada is a location of the Canadian Shiatsu Society of B.C. Shiatsu, or 指圧 in Japanese is a traditional hands on therapy
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Representative Association
The Canadian Shiatsu Society of British Columbia is a non-profit organization of Shiatsupractors in British Columbia promoting original Shiatsu Therapy developed by the founder, Tokujiro Namikoshi Sensei and regulated by the Ministry of Health in Japan. The CSSBC represents Shiatsu Therapy in British Columbia as a self-regulating, governing body.  Both the CSSBC and the Shiatsu Diffusion Society of Ontario are affiliated under the Shiatsupractors' Association of Canada.  The CSSBC is the official local Canadian branch of the Japan Shiatsu Association and the only Shiatsu Association approved in British Columbia by the International Shiatsu Association and the Japan Shiatsu College.
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Professional Designation
Shiatsupractor / SPR is a professional designation granted to a CSSBC member who has successfully completed the minimum 2000 hour curriculum requirement of the CSSBC.  "Shiatsupractor" is an internationally recognized professional title designation granted by the International Shiatsu Association.  In Canada, this title is proudly presented to only members of the Shiatsupractors' Association of Canada and its affiliates, the CSSBC and the Shiatsu Diffusion Society of Ontario.
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The CSSBC is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest educational and professional standards for Shiatsu Therapy in British Columbia.
The CSSBC Purposes are:
  1. To establish and maintain a non-profit organization for Shiatsupractors.
  2. To promote, within Canada, understanding of true Shiatsu therapy which originated with Tokujiro Namikoshi Sensei in Japan.
  3. To foster elevation of the status of the Shiatsupractor
  4. To assist in the improvement of the Shiatsu technique of the Shiatsupractor.
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Code of Ethics
All members are held responsible for behaving and practicing Shiatsu Therapy in strict accordance with the Code of Ethics. It applies to the practitioner/client and instructor/student relationships.
1. Client/Social/Ecological Concern
CSSBC members shall consider above all the health and well being of the client. Members also recognize their intrinsic involvement in the total community of life on the planet Earth.
2. Professional Conduct
members conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, performing only those services for which they are qualified, and represent their education, certification, professional affiliations and other qualifications honestly. They do not in any way profess to practice medicine or psychotherapy, unless licensed by their province to do so.
3. Health History and Referrals
CSSBC members keep accurate client records, including profiles of the body/mind history. They discuss any problem areas that may contraindicate use of Shiatsu Therapy and refer clients to appropriate medical professionals when indicated.
4. Professional Appearance
CSSBC members pay close attention to cleanliness and professional appearance of self and clothing, of linens and equipment, and of the office/clinic environment in general. They endeavor to provide a relaxing atmosphere, giving attention to reasonable scheduling and clarity about fees.
5. Communications and Confidentiality
CSSBC members maintain clear and honest communication with their clients, and keep all information, whether medical or personal, strictly confidential. They clearly disclose techniques used, appropriately identifying each in the scope of their professional practice.
6. Intention and Trust
CSSBC members are encouraged to establish and maintain trust in the client relationship and to establish clear boundaries and an atmosphere of safety.
7. Respect of Clients
CSSBC members respect the client's physical/emotional state, and do not abuse clients through actions, words or silence, nor take advantage of the therapeutic relationship. They, in no way, participate in sexual activity with the client. They consider the client's comfort zone for touch and for degree of pressure, and honor the client's requests as much as possible within personal, professional and ethical limits. They do not use elbows, knees or feet in the application of pressure to the client body. They acknowledge the inherent worth and individuality of each person and therefore do not unjustly discriminate against clients and colleagues.
8. Professional Integrity
CSSBC members present Shiatsu Therapy in a professional and compassionate manner representing themselves and their practice accurately and ethically. They do not give fraudulent information, nor misrepresent the CSSBC or themselves to students or clients, nor act in a manner derogatory to the nature and positive intention of the CSSBC. They conduct their business honestly.
9. Professional Courtesy
CSSBC members respect the standards set by the various CSSBC modalities, and they respect service marks, trademarks and copyright laws. Professional courtesy includes respecting all ethical professionals in speech, writing, or otherwise, and communicating clearly with others.
10. Professional Excellence
CSSBC members strive for professional excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, and by continued education and training.
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Municipal Licensing
The City of Vancouver will accept certification by the CSSBC as Validation for issuing a Business License to Shiatsupractors.
Now, most Municipal Governments in BC approve or are moving towards approval of our Designation in issuing Business Licenses.
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Professional Liability Insurance
The CSSBC has Group Professional Liability Insurance with the Preventive Health Service. Active the CSSBC members are required to have the Professional Liability Insurance.
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Covered by Medical Insurance
Some Extended Insurance companies and Travel Insurance companies currently may cover Shiatsu treatments in BC.  The CSSBC is taking many approaches to promoting the inclusion of Shiatsu Therapy by MSP and all Insurance companies in their health care packages.  Starting a petition is one approach we hope will make a difference.
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Application for Shiatsupractor status
1.     Applicants who have graduated from a CSSBC authorized institute:
        The applicant may be exempt from the examinations for SPR status with a diploma from a CSSBC authorized institute.
Please contact us for more information
Click here for Application Form
2.     Applicants who have licensed as a Shiatsupactor from the Japanese Ministry of Health:
        The applicant may be exempt from the examinations for SPR status with a license from the Ministry of Health in Japan.
Please contact us for more information
Click here for Application Form
3.     Applicants who are registered practitioners with one or more of the five regulated health professions of British Columbia listed below:
1.     Medicine
2.     Chiropractic
3.     Naturopathy
4.     Physical Therapy
5.     Massage Therapy
        The applicant may be exempt from the examinations for SPR status with a Certificate in Shiatsu Therapy from a CSSBC authorized institute.
Please contact us for more information
Click here for Application Form
4.    Applicants who are trained in Shiatsu Therapy outside of CSSBC authorized institutes will submit the following to the CSSBC Examining Committee.
        Application form
        Non-Refundable Application fee  ($25)
        Examination fee ($50 for each subject)
        Proof of the CSSBC supporting member status
Please contact us for more information
Click here for Application Form

 The Guidelines for Applying for "SPR" Status
The CSSBC Examining Committee will be taking the following steps to determine each candidate's eligibility to become a Shiatsupractor.
1.     Processing the application
-        The CSSBC Examining Committee will determine eligibility for the Shiatsupractor examination based on the CSSBC's Shiatsupractor requirements and the candidate's educational history and past experience in Shiatsu Therapy.
-        The Committee will suggest which subjects need upgrading at the College or give the candidate approval to write the Shiatsupractor examinations.
-        The CSSBC Shiatsupractor requirements are:
        2000 hours of training in Shiatsu Therapy  (including a minimum of 750 hours of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology)
        CSSBC supporting membership
2. Reporting the results
-        The CSSBC Examining Committee will contact you either via letter or email to notify you of one of the following:
       examination eligibility
         recommendation of upgrading at the authorized institutes
-        If you receive the letter / email indicating eligibility for examination, please follow the instructions enclosed in the same envelope.
-        If you receive the letter / email indicating the recommendation of upgrading, you may follow the CSSBC's suggestion.
3. Examination
-        After completion of all the requirements, you will be eligible to write the examinations.  Please find following the list of examinations:
        Shiatsu Theory
        Shiatsu Practicum
- The cost of the exams is $50 per subject.   In order to take the exams, you must submit your current CSSBC supporting member certificate and the letter from the CSSBC indicating eligibility for the examination.
Please contact us for more information
Click here for Application Form
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Vancouver,BC  V6B 6N9
Tel (604)-349-8508
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