The Canadian Shiatsu Society of B.C. is a non-profit organization of Shiatsupractors in Vancouver, Canada promoting original Shiatsu Therapy developed by the founder, Tokujiro Namikoshi Sensei The Canadian Shiatsu Society of B.C. is the Shiatsu Association in Vancouver, Canada by the International Shiatsu Association and the Japan Shiatsu College Shiatsupractor is a professional granted to a Canadian Shiatsu Society of B.C. member Shiatsupractor is an internationally recognized professional title designation granted by the International Shiatsu Association
"Shiatsu" is a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure"It is a "hands-on" therapy used both as a compliment to conventional medicine and as a preventative/alternative therapy.
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Shiatsu Fundraising Report
~~~~for the victims of Philippine Haiyan~~~
On December 7, 2013, Fundraising for the victims of Philippine Haiyan, which was organized by "IZUMIYA Japanese Market", was held at IZUMIYA Japanese Market in Richmond. The CSSBC was grad to co-sponsor the event, and offered "Shiatsu demonstration" for the public. CSSBC offered Shiatsu treatments for 13 people, and collected $275.
Other volunteers offered a mini concert by Tsugaru-shamisen and Taiko for 30min. Many people  visited the event and donated some money with their sincere heart. Total $869.64 was collected by the fundraising, and all money was sent to the AMDA INTERNATIONAL through AMADA CANADA, and it will be used for te victimes of Philippine Haiyan.
CSSBC volunteer members: Mari Iwasaki, Taro Adachi, Akiko Shimane, Aimi Hamagami, and Chloe Lai

Taro Adachi, SPR Mari Iwasaki, SPR AMDA members
Akiko Shimane, STH Aimi Hamagami, SPR CSSBC members

Shindan Soku Chiryou / Diagnosis and Therapy Combined

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