Minimum Requirements of the Educational Standard for Membership

The purpose of CSSBC is to be a self-regulated body for Shiatsu professionals. CSSBC has set an educational standard for the professional certification of Shiatsu Therapists in BC, Canada at a total of 1,000 hours. The following guidelines are included in the 1,000-hour curriculum:

  • Shiatsu Foundation
  • Shiatsu Theory
  • Health Science (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Shiatsu Clinical Experience

Types of Memberships

Shiatsupractor/SPR member

A person who has obtained a Shiatsu diploma of Shiatsu program of 2000 hours or more, that includes but not limited to:

-Shiatsu foundation-Advanced Shiatsu-Anatomy-Physiology-Kinesiology-Pathology-Clinical Experience-Ethics and Professionalism-Business Management-First Aid and CPR

Shiatsupractor/STH member

A person who has completed a Shiatsu program (1000 hours or more including Shiatsu Therapy, Shiatsu Practicum, Anatomy and Physiology), and has been approved by the Education Committee.

*STH member shall be upgraded their status to SPR member with one year of work experience.

Authorized Institute member

A school providing professional shiatsu training that meets the Society standard curriculum and all other requirements of the Board of Directors and the Education Committee.

Supporting member

A person or organization who does not meet the educational standard of the Society, yet supports the purposes of this Society and is interested in the development, practice, promotion, or teaching of Shiatsu therapy or related research. Supporting members do not have voting rights.

Application for Shiatsupractor status

New applicants are required to submit:

-A copy of educational proof (e.g. Shiatsu diploma/certificate, and /or transcript indicating hours of subjects)

-A proof of working experience

Education committee will examine and determine the membership status of application.

Authorized Institute

Vancouver, British Columbia

Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy

142 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver, BC Canada V7M2E8
Tel: (604)904-4187


Japan Shiatsu College

2-15-6, Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 112-0002
Tel: 81-3-3813-7354


Membership is effective from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. The renewal notice will be emailed to current members in May.

  • Annual membership fee: $100
  • Application fee: $25  (new applicants and returning members)
  • Late fee: $15  (any application from current member after July 1 to August 31)

Click the “Membership Form” link below for an online application form.

Payment by Interac e-Transfer or mail a cheque to the address on the application form.

Your membership will be processed within 4 weeks of the receipt of your application.